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Doing Justice to the Classics

Neomasculine site argues for the revival of Roman “manly character”

A post on the neomasculine site Return of Kings argues that Rome was great because of its “manly character” and that the “degradation of values” in contemporary society derives from our abandonment of those “virtues.”

Update: Scholars Respond

From the post: “We forsake truth for the sake of political correctness, and shun the successful ideas of great men in favor of the ruthless doctrine of a failed false utopia…There are very few institutions left that teach the traditional manly character that built all of Western Civilization. It has always been an insane idea that these empty and ambiguous catchphrases like ‘social justice’ and ‘kindness’ that are oft quoted by leftists are expected to cure the ills of society.”

Return of Kings includes in-page and pop-up advertising, so we have linked above to an archived image of the page to avoid contributing revenue-generating traffic on their site.  The most up-to-date comments and related posts, however, will be available on the version of the post.

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