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Doing Justice to the Classics

Hercules invoked to oppose gender equality

Among recent posts at the misogynist site Return of Kings (“3 ways to sleep with women at your job”; “Don’t let your girlfriend have homosexual friends”; “Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to female robot that is more pleasing than most human women”) is a piece entitled “How men can live in the spirit of Plus Ultra,” […]

Violent misogyny, white nationalism, and anti-Clinton apparel

A store on, an online marketplace for customized merchandise, sells shirts, tank-tops, and coffee mugs featuring a violently misogynist image that appropriates classical antiquity: Cellini’s “Perseus with the head of Medusa” (1545-1554), with the face of Donald Trump superimposed on that of Perseus and that of Hillary Clinton superimposed on the severed head of […]

Racist reaction to David Gyasi playing Achilles in BBC/Netflix “Troy” Miniseries

David Gyasi, a London-born actor of Ghanaian descent, plays the role of Achilles in the BBC’s and Netflix’ miniseries Troy: Fall of a City. Implicitly racist reactions to this casting have appeared on social media and in the comments sections of press about the show. The topic has now been taken up on Stuff Black People […]