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Doing Justice to the Classics

SPQR and White Nationalism

Director’s Note, Dec. 2020: this post became Pharos’ most-viewed article as a result of media coverage of the (ultimately successful) North Carolina congressional campaign of Madison Cawthorn, whose real estate investment company is named “SPQR Holdings.” Cawthorn had also signaled his white supremacist leanings in an instagram post showing him visiting Hitler’s vacation home, something he […]

Study of ancient Greek and Latin promoted by Racists and Homophobes

Intellectual Takeout is a site that offers “to serve as a refuge for those who want to pursue truth, rediscover the wisdom and traditions of the past, discuss ideas calmly, and apply what’s been learned to their own lives.” A recent post advocates for an educational curriculum based on “those great works of the past […]

Fall of Rome cited as parallel to contemporary “Barbarism” is a site that describes itself as “the ultimate boy’s club.” Its content is eclectic but includes a xenophobic series on “Civic Nationalism” and an article praising alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos as “a true free speech warrior.” The site has published a series of articles by John C. Wright, whose personal blog includes defenses […]