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Doing Justice to the Classics

Anti-Semite laments the “decay” of Greek “traditions”

Expel the Parasite is a virulently anti-Semitic site that claims that Jewish people are “the dominant force for globalisation and destruction of everything natural and good on this planet” and “are behind pretty much everything” like the “faggot agenda…phoney White Guilt…9-11 attacks, 7-7 London Bombings, Pornography…Wall St scams, extreme taxation…vaccines” and “Global Warming lies.” An article on the site about modern Greece in the wake of its debt crisis also blames Jewish people for “the utter decay” of “the traditions that began with Homer and Hesiod, Socrates and Plato.”

The article, entitled “Athens, Greece: The Alpha and Omega of Western Civilization,” was originally written by the neo-Nazi and Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin for his now defunct site Total Fascism. On a visit to Greece, “the place where Western Civilization was birthed,” Anglin concluded that “it is plain that this is where it has finally died.” His racist evidence for this was the “black and brown immigrants [lining] the streets…staring menacingly at the White population if they are not attempting to sell everything from childrens toys to hard drugs; they suck the last life out of the people, vultures picking the bones of a corpse.”

This lament for the supposed decline of Greece as the seat of “Western Civilization,” whether in classical  times or the present, is a familiar one from sites Pharos has documented previously. But whereas white supremacists may attribute that “decline” to a loss of racial “purity”, Anglin blames “the Jew-created materialist system of decay” that is “reach[ing] its final and inevitable conclusion: the end of the White Race.” Anglin complains that “the Jew claims that we all owe him,” possibly referring via the anti-Semitic stereotype of Jewish greed to the loans that the Greek government took from the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank during the crisis.

Anglin’s commentary on the crisis provides an example of how an uncritical idealization of the Classical past feeds into white supremacy

Anglin compares modern Greece unfavorably to his version of what ancient Greece was like: “The dichotomy between the ancient nature of the city and the high scale post-modern death is jarring.” In this he is hardly alone: such comparisons were common in the wake of the Greek debt crisis, including from those who do not espouse white supremacy, as Johanna Hanink has recently documented, first in an article for Eidolon, and then in more detail in her 2017 book The Classical Debt. Hanink’s analysis makes clear that these kinds of comparisons, knowingly or not, are built on assumptions about ancient Greece that were constructed by historians — some of whom had never even been to Greece — more interested in representing Greece as a model of white racial “purity” than in historical fact. Anglin’s commentary on the crisis provides an example of how an uncritical idealization of the Classical past feeds into white supremacy: the only “hope” he sees “for the phoenix of the Western Man…to restore the order of nature which has been so brutally defiled by that most devious of aliens” lies with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, itself a frequent appropriator of the classical past.

To avoid giving Expel The Parasite traffic we have linked above to archived images of the site. A link to the article itself can be found here.

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